Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anna Bahen as Cindy Lou-Who!!!

Some great news!
Anna auditioned for Cindy-Lou Who and got the part!

She will be one of the Cindy-Lou Whos this winter
at The Old Globe Theater in "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"

As soon as we have more info regarding her performances we will fill you all in! We are so proud of her!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Holy Communion

I can't believe it's finally here - the big day is this Saturday
Please comment and help me decide which photo to choose
I can't believe how grown up Anna looks

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Wishing all our Family & Friends a very Happy Easter!
Anna has a new member in her classroom we are all so excited.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nathan's school pictures PreSchool 3's

There are 4 shots I get to choose from
The 80's spikey hair is due to the meltdown at the parlor...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obi Wan-Kenobi VS Coyote

I don't even know how to begin to blog this event it was soooo scary!!!
It was Friday night October 17th, and my neighbors & parents were over visiting, when Anna went to sleep over my Moms and Nate was going to sleep over Bev's due to the return of my wicked wicket Migraines (that is another story...)
When Obi our dog decided to do his business in the yard and visit our neighbor Bev's dog Pepper (we cut out a notch in our adjoining fences) when all of the sudden there was a horrible cry and screeching from Obi.

Before we knew what was happening Obi was snatched from our neighbors yard by a Coyote and almost made a meal of if it wasn't for Pepper and our other neighbors coming to our dogs rescue.

The Coyote came down the street and went alongside Bev's fence pushed a loose picket and grabbed poor Obi.

Well it seems Pepper ran out the loose picket and scared the coyote down the street with the neighbors.

Obi ran back into Bev's yard then our house and we found him bleeding with Coyote stench in the air. Conder cleaned it as best he could but it was still bleeding and it looked bad like Dracula bite marks on both sides of his ribs.
Obi proceeded to go into shock and we took him to the Animal Hospital.
When we got there I pushed my way to the front of the line and when they saw Obi they took him right away.

I was so scared for Obi but just thankful that both our kids did not have to see the drama of it all.

The Vet could not believe how lucky our dog was and how good he looked but didn't want to give us false hope either until the x-rays came back.
Well it was more serious than we thought broken rib & pulmonary contusion which means lungs filling up with blood - which thankfully either heals on its own or is the reason for death.

I was so sad & upset but all we could do was wait until morning - and I must have called 4 times but finally he was ready to come home with us.

I can honestly say our dog is back to normal and he has now become a cat who is down to 7 lives - surviving the Coyote attack and of course just surviving life as a pound dog...

We are so happy for the turn of events - but I write this so that you all realize how dangerous Coyotes can be!!!
Watch out for your pets and children this time of year you can never be to careful!!!
Do not leave food out, check your fences for openings, never never underestimate the reality of the food chain and hungry wild life.
I have seen coyotes at night but just never thought this could ever happen - we don't live by the canyon but we are close enough and these poor wild animals are hungry enough...

May the force be with you because we know for a fact it was with us 2 weeks ago!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Nathan and musical cards...

Nathan is doing his immitation of a SHARK

(Imagine the music of Jaws coming from a musical card)

Then Nathan doing the Chicken Dance

Just try not laughing I DARE YOU!!!!

Brought to you by Hallmark Cards...